Fasting Q&A: Maintenance, Metformin, Optimizing Fasting Days, Weight Gain While Fasting

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions:

1. I have been fasting on and off for years and had moments of great weight-loss success, but it seems like as soon as I stop I put the weight back on, regardless of how well I'm eating. Am I just fated to have to continue fasting forever to keep my weight down? [00:40]

2. My doctor wants me to start taking metformin, but I would like to incorporate fasting to bring down my A1C which is currently 7.1%. What are the benefits (if any) of using metformin for someone who is just starting on their fasting journey? Can you even take metformin on fasting days? [06:24]

3. Every fast is different. Why is that? I have been experiencing euphoria and loads of energy while fasting, and fasting has been wonderful. I have also been down, tired, and with no energy while fasting. I'm thinking that the answer could have something to do with water and electrolytes. What can I do to optimize the fast and feel euphoric more often? [16:10]

4. Have you ever had someone gain weight while fasting? Are there common mistakes that people make if this is the case? [22:01]

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