Fasting Q&A: Calorie Deficit, Vegan Keto, Acronyms, Cooking Oils

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions:

1. Does fasting for fat loss still require a caloric deficit? [01:08]

2. I've had success eating keto (traditional) with IF, and I've had success with a vegan diet (not keto) until I started relying too much on carbs like beans, rice, and potatoes. Do you think a vegan keto diet is a realistic way to eat while incorporating IF? [09:01]

3. I’ve heard a few acronyms that I don’t recognize: PCOS, CGM and IBS (although IBS is more common and not specific to fasting). For those used to fasting and the TFM Community discussions, these are common terms. However, I believe that those not versed would be left wondering about them and possibly looking them up. I know I had to look up PCOS when I first heard it. [13:56]

4. I’m confused about which cooking oils are inflammatory and why. Can you please address this? [20:48]

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