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Intermittent Fasting Masterclass

3-Step Process to Lose Weight and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Starts January 10th, 2022

Expert Structured Education with Clinically-Proven Results

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Intermittent Fasting Masterclass

In this 6-week course, you will:

  • Learn your metabolic health status with easy-to-use at home blood testing kits from SoWell both before and after the course

  • Have access to new video lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on fasting, nutrition and behavioral strategies

  • Have your questions answered every Tuesday and Thursday during live webinar Q&As (recorded for later viewing)

  • Receive a Biosense ketone breathalyzer letting you know when you're actively burning body fat during your fasts (exclusive monitoring app for students)

Actionable steps to implement, troubleshoot and maintain

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  • Expert structured education for implementing intermittent fasting strategies to lose weight and reverse DMII

  • Access to an exclusive form with 24/7 support

  • Live webinar Q&As answering your questions

In additon to the Masterclass, you'll receive:

  • 3 months access to all events, courses and resources in our Community app ($117 value)

  • Biosense breath ketone meter with exclusive app ($299 value) *

  • Pre-and-post course blood tests ($360 value) *

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* Biosense and SoWell kits are only available to US residents. If you live outside of the US, please contact

Our Expert Instructors

Terri Lance, PhD
Fasting Coach
PhD Behvioural Psychology, Certified Health Coach, Lost 85 pounds, Reversed type 2 diabetes
Megan Ramos
Co-Founder, CEO
Megan Ramos is a Canadian clinical educator and expert on therapeutic fasting and low carbohydrate diets, having guided more than 14,000 people worldwide. She is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller Life in the Fasting Lane.
Nadia Pateguana, ND
Health Consultant
Dr. Nadia used fasting and a low-carbohydrate diet to reverse her polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and achieve a healthy body composition.
Andrea Lombardi
Andrea Lombardi, BHScPA, CCPA
Fasting Coach
Coach Andrea has achieved 30 pounds of weight loss and conquered rising blood sugars through intermittent fasting and low-carbohydrate eating strategies. Both her parents have T2 diabetes and she is determined not to follow the same path.

HSA/FSA Credit Cards Accepted

Did you know you can use your HSA and FSA credit cards towards all of our programs?

Simply obtain a note from your physician or nurse practitioner and submit it to your HSA/FSA provider for approval. We advise anyone who wishes to pursue this option, to contact your insurance provider as a first step, to identify what kind of information your healthcare provider will need to include in the letter.

What our clients are saying...

Laura Young

Thank you TFM for all of the support and information. It makes all of the difference in the world!

Ann Trudy

The most amazing change has been my body strength. I could barely lift anything over 10 lbs. I can now set up huge event tents, lift weights that are over 25 lbs. That astounds me!

Mark Tom

Dr. Fung's Fasting Method really works, and with all the awesome support of Megan Ramos, the coaches and members, you've all saved my life. I'm so grateful to all of you!

John Somsky

By January, my A1c was an astonishing 4.4% and my weight was down to 265 lbs., over 130 lbs lost. However, the control of my diabetes and being able to stop injecting insulin was an even bigger win!

John Perini

The Fasting Method has literally saved my life. Until I found TFM, I was completely ready to give up on life and ready to accept a life of self-dread and loathing due to my inability to stop eating and reduce down to a normal size.

Eduardo Perales

Since January 2019, I have not taken ANY medicine for my diabetes with super-extraordinary results! My glucose levels NEVER go above the normal ranges that I used to have to manage with six meds!


TFM is the program that solved my 60-year-old problem with excess body fat and uncontrollable hunger. Not to mention solving my diagnoses of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure!


I joined TFM in June 2017 with an A1c of 9.2 and fasting blood sugars of 200. My A1c came down to 6.5 within 4 months and I don't get fasting blood sugars of 200 anymore!

Jean K

The Fasting Method website has been life changing, as it has equipped me with all the information and support I need to pursue my health and weightloss goals in an amazing community environment!

Dede Haiar

TFM has made a huge difference in my blood sugars to be part of this Community, all the information and support is priceless! I have lost 40 lbs, my A1c is 6.4, I feel great and plan to reverse my diabetes completely.

Timothy Gobran

I was type 2 diabetic when I started this journey, and that's no longer the case! Thank you Fasting Method for the continued guidance, support, community and education to help me make this change happen!

Judi Campion

I will be honest, I did not feel I could or even would want to fast. I now fast 42 hrs 3x weekly or I do it in one fast of 72 hrs!

Brian & Janine

I can't say enough about The Fasting Method and my coach. I only wish I knew about both sooner!