Fasting Q&A: Eating and Fasting Patterns for Kids, Fasting After Weight-Loss Surgery, Bloating, and More

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Nadia answers some of your fasting questions:

1. I have two preschool aged children and I really want to set them up for life with a healthy relationship with food. Obviously, I don’t think we should fast children but I have noticed that their lives revolve around their mealtimes and snacks. Is TRE something that would benefit them? At what age should we implement this? [03:21]

2. I have 12 and 16-year-old girls. There are so many body image influences out there. I am concerned if they see me doing extended fast that they will not understand why I am doing it or that they might develop an eating disorder. [13:16]

3. My daughter is 13 years old, tall, slender and active/a multi-sport athlete with no weight-related concerns. She started her period about 6 months ago and luckily it’s been pretty regular and she’s managing it very well. The only hormonal issue I’m noticing so far is that she’s struggling pretty badly with acne on her face and upper back. I just want her to be happy and healthy and to fuel her body appropriately, especially during all these hormonal changes her body is going through. [22:42]

4. My wife says she can't fast with me because she had weight loss surgery (about two years ago). She would like to do low carb/keto-ish/fasting with me but says she can't eat enough in a meal to last her 5 or 6 hours. Is there a protocol for fasting with a smaller stomach or it is not recommended? [30:07]

5. When I fast for 36 hours (which up to now has been my longest fasting period) I gain five pounds during the day when I start eating again. I feel bloated and very unwell. I suspect it is water retention as it goes away on the next day. Is this normal? [35:20]

6. My question relates to a previous episode where Nadia mentioned that the smell of food can cause an insulin response. As someone who has insulin resistance and happens to be a professional chef, that news was alarming! Is this actually the case, or did I hear that wrong? [38:34]