Hot Topic: Therapeutic Fasting vs Fasting Sometimes

In this episode Nadia and Terri dive deep into why so many of us struggle to make progress and therefore stay stuck in the uncomfortable space of starting/stopping, or how many of us push ourselves so hard that we can't sustain consistently to see the lasting results.

Tune in to find out how our brain can sometimes trip us up when it comes to motivation because of its love for novelty, and why so many people start the New Year with good intentions but struggle to maintain that momentum for long enough to see lasting results.

How do we change our mindset to overcome these issues? Terri shares some great analogies to help adjust our mindset and behavior and take confident steps towards the success we have been looking for, and Nadia reinforces the importance of taking a step-by-step approach towards therapeutic fasting that starts with, of course, TRE (time-restricted eating).

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