Fasting Q&A: Fasting and Training, Tracking Weight, Fasting With an IUD, Bacon Fat, and More

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Nadia answers some of your fasting questions:

1. How do you manage fasting when training? [01:48]

2. When you track your weight on the scales weekly, why does the weight shown seem to go from the same to a loss (or not) between days 6 and 7? How do you get a true reading? [10:16]

3. I’ve been eating low carb and fasting now for more than 5years. I’ve fallen off the low-carb wagon for months. Recently, I did a reset three-day fast and I wanted to continue but I felt horrible. My ketones were pretty high. Does this mean my blood is acidic? Would it have been dangerous to continue? Or am I just not yet fat-adapted again? [15:47]

4. I have an IUD and don’t have a period. How can I figure out when my cycle is? I like the concept of eating differently at different stages of my cycle? [23:56]

5. I haven’t heard you recommend bacon fat and lard as one of the fats to cook in. Is there a reason? [32:33]

6. How long does insulin stay raised after a meal? [34:24]

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