Fasting Q&A: Post-menopausal Bleeding, Loose Stools After Breaking Fasts, No Gallbladder and Keto

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions:

1. I’ve been in menopause for over two and a half years and doing IF for the past year. I have done a couple of extended fasts. I belong to a women’s fasting group on Facebook and have read that a couple of women in menopause have started menstruating again and, weirdly enough, that just happened to me. Is this because of IF and have you seen this happen? Please tell me it does not mean I have a chance of getting pregnant! [01:22]

2. I get diarrhea about an hour after eating on OMAD. I have tried to eat a small amount and wait for a half hour, or longer, before eating again. I try to chew thoroughly and slowly, but nothing seems to help. [04:57]

3. Is keto and a higher fat intake (even though its healthy fats) without a gallbladder harder on my pancreas to process fats or should I maybe try a Mediterranean diet and fasting. I have a lot of weight to lose. [09:53]

4. Does fasting do more harm than good for people with Hashimoto's? [17:26]

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