Expert Guest: Dr. Jason Fung

In today's episode, Megan and Nadia FINALLY interview the co-founder of The Fasting Method Program, Dr. Jason Fung.

Dr. Fung talks about the benefits of health coaching and highlights the connection between diet and emotions. Hear Jason's take on how our habits have changed over the last few decades, influenced by external factors and how this "new environment sets us up to fail” and not that our "will-power" is now weaker. Learn from Dr. Fung how "obesity spreads like a virus" and how community is so much more important than even diet and fasting for success: "Trying to do it yourself is impossible" ..."it takes a village".

Jason, Megan and Nadia talk about the TFM community and the power of peer support vs. the "top-down" medical approach and why the Community members have been so successful in maintaining their healing and weight loss over the years.

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