"Fasting Q&A: Coffee Creamers, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, Mental Health, and Sweeteners "

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions:

1. Is unsweetened almond/coconut creamer in coffee enough to break a fast or interfere with fat-burning mode during a 36 to 42 hour fast? Or does it depend on the amount used? [00:58]

2. Hi guys! I’m so happy about your new podcast I’m a big fan of your program! I was wondering if you have more information about fasting for nursing moms or even pregnancy. Is it safe? Would it effect milk production? [03:46]

3. What are the benefits seen with fasting and mental health? I feel mentally well when I’m fasting compared to eating frequently and poorly. What science can I tell myself regarding this topic? [07:19]

4. What do you think about chewing xylitol gum to improve fasting breath? Does xylitol trigger insulin? Please rank honey, maple syrup and xylitol for use during my 10-6 eating window days. [14:40]

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