Fasting Q&A: Flavored Coffee, Feeling Cold, Menstruation, and Switching Up Your Fasts

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions:

1. I find that drinking black regular/unflavoured coffee is hard (on my stomach as well as well as on my stamina!!!) but I find it easier to drink black flavored coffee so that I don't have to add milk to it which would be my preference. By flavored, I mean the beans are flavoured (the company says that even their flavored coffees have only 5 calories in a cup of coffee). I do not add flavored syrups. Is it OK to drink flavored coffee or does it break my fast? [01:36]

2. Fasting during menstrual cycle? [22:45]

3. Feeling so cold during a fast that it stops you continuing. [14:18]

4. Since I’m not losing weight on the 16:8 fasts after two months, I want to start 24 hours of fasting. What will happen in, let’s say a year, when I hopefully lose weight and get off some meds and go back to just 16:8. Will I regain the weight and will 24 hours of fasting be a lifetime thing? [33:49]

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