Fasting Q&A with Dr Jason Fung: Ketones, Fat Adaptation, Carb Loading Before Surgery, Survival Genes

In this Fasting Q&A episode, hosted by Coach Lisa Chance, Dr. Jason Fung answers questions from the TFM Community:

I’ve known for a long time how neuroprotective ketones are for the brain, but, wow, what ketones do for the heart is amazing, especially the failing heart. Could you elaborate, Dr. Fung? [02:15]

Do you need to be in ketosis to burn fat and does being in at least a low level of nutritional ketosis help you go into autophagy sooner? [04:39]

Why does it take such a long time to become fat adapted? [07:20]

I’ve heard that fasting “turns on” survival genes. Can you tell us a little more about this? [09:25]

What are your thoughts about the new recommendation to carb load before surgery to “calm” someone? [11:12]

Is there any correlation between fasting and pulse rate? [12:58]

I have a diabetic friend who is participating in a study on duodenal mucosa resurfacing (DMR) as a treatment for T2D. Does Dr. Fung have any take on this pretty new procedure or explanation of how and why it works? [13:17]

If a person wants the benefit of therapeutic fasting (like autophagy) but they do not have adequate body fat for longer fasts (for example, a TOFI person with a fatty liver, or somebody at 30% body fat who needs a lot of autophagy for an autoimmune condition), How should they eat on eating days to be able to maintain a therapeutic fasting schedule like an alternate-day fasting protocol? [16:33]

What are the signs of a histamine intolerance and can it get worse over time? Does fasting help? [17:53]

If autophagy is mostly switched on by the presence of mTor, could a person (in principle) eat a zero protein diet and eat exclusively fat but still ramp up autophagy enough for some protein recycling to aid loose skin reduction, macular problems, skin tags, etc.? [18:45]

How do you get rid of visceral fat? [20:22]

How long does the effect of dairy on insulin last? [21:45]

Why is it easier for women to do longer fasts after they’ve had a small amount of tubers during the last meal before their fast? [24:41]


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