Fasting Q&A: Weight Loss and Excess Skin, Taking Medication, 16/8 Eating Windows, and More

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Nadia answers some of your fasting questions:

1. Which fasting protocol is best for getting rid of excess skin while you also get rid of excess weight?

2. My GP has told me to take medication three times a day. How do I incorporate intermittent fasting into my lifestyle when I have to take meds three times a day?

3. I’ve been fasting for two years. I lost 20 pounds the first year but gained 10 back in the second. I try to do 42-hour fasts but end up breaking it around the 20-hour mark. My blood glucose numbers are up and my weight isn’t coming down. I am a 45-year-old female. I am ready to give up. Please help.

4. I was recently diagnosed with vulvar lichen sclerosis (LS). My gynecologist says that it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder affecting the skin of the vulva. It is a horrifying condition that can cause changes to the architecture of the vulva, intense itching, tearing of the skin, etc. I’ve never known anyone to have this condition, but my gynecologist says that she has a lot of patients with LS. Have any of your clients seen improvement in their LS? Is there a particular fasting protocol that you would recommend. I’m just devastated by this diagnosis. 

5. I understand that snacking (even with healthy foods) is a bad idea because it keeps your insulin levels up so how many meals would you suggest is the most effective during a typical 8-hour window in a 16/8 IF regime? Or maybe a better way to look at it is how many hours should I leave between meals to allow insulin to go back down?

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