Fasting Q&A: Low BG, Night Sweats, Nightshift Workers, Feeling Sleepy, and Thyroid Meds

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan answers some of your fasting questions:

1. I’m a healthy female with low blood sugars when extended fasting. Is this normal, should I be worried, can this be fixed? [03:03]

2. How do I handle night sweats during menopause? Will fasting help with this? [09:20]

3. What are your tips for nightshift workers who are fasting? [14:03]

4. During my long fast, after about 24 hours I begin to have an achy feeling on one side of my back, around the kidney area. It's uncomfortable enough to get my attention but not super painful. I do not get this feeling at any other time. What could be causing it, and should I be concerned? [19:29]

5. Heading into the evening on the first full day of the fast I often find myself not able to concentrate on anything and sometimes feel sleepy. After a night's sleep, however, I feel great and am able to focus just fine. Is this normal, or is there something I can be doing to avoid the brain fog? [23:19]

6. Do you need to stop thyroid medication while fasting? [31:11]