Fasting Q&A: PSMF, Bone Broth, Fasting Before Blood Tests, Low Blood Sugar, and More

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan answers your fasting questions as well as announcing a brand new Intermittent Fasting Masterclass.

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1. What are your thoughts on protein modified sparing fasting? [01:57]

2. Is it OK to use bone broth during an extended fast? [04:08]

3. Is there a fasting protocol I should do or avoid before blood tests? [06:43]

4. I’ve had a uterine ablation. I do not have a period but technically a cycle. How might this affect my fasting? Is it similar to menstruating women? [10:52]

5. I’m not diabetic nor taking any medications, yet when I fast my blood sugar falls to 2.7mmol/L and I just feel horrible. This is after three days of fat fasting followed by one 24-hour water-only fast. Any advice on what to do? Will it get better as I fast more? [12:33]

6. You talk about the treatment of fasting to reverse T2 diabetes or PCOS, but what does maintenance look like for you? [19:21]

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