Fasting Q&A: Feeling Cold, Night Sweats, Gestational Diabetes, and Eating During Pregnancy

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Nadia answers some of your fasting questions:

1. I used to do 16-8 IF and have now started doing ADF. How can I avoid malnutrition doing this new pattern? [01:45]

2. I am planning on doing 24-hour fasts three days a week for fat loss. For this schedule, you typically recommend (on eating days) to still fast 16 hours and only eat two meals. But, on my eating days, would it be better to not fast at all and eat three meals to keep up my metabolism? If not, how do I maintain my metabolism during this process? [08:08]

3. I am doing three 42-hour fasts a week. On my fasting days, every time I reach 24 hours into my fast, I start feeling cold. What is the process behind that reaction?

I’ve also found that since I started fasting eight weeks ago, my perimenopause symptoms have increased, namely I experience more and more severe night sweats. Is this just a coincidence or could fasting be increasing these symptoms. [14:06]

4. I started my fasting journey after listening to your podcast, which I love. I'm now up to 24 hours three times a week and looking forward to doing longer ones soon!

My question for you is about gestational diabetes. I’ve had it with both of my kids and was told that eating healthy has nothing to do with getting it. I’m curious what you think about this. I’m determined to get healthy through fasting to prevent T2D in the future and am hoping to prevent gestational diabetes as well as pre eclampsia (I had hypertension with my first and pre eclampsia with my second!) Is there a way to prepare my body to prevent either of these with my next pregnancy. [20:41]

5. Do pregnant women have to eat more than three good meals a day? I get full so quickly and I’m not sure I can eat more than three meals a day. I normally ate two meals a day when I fasted before pregnancy. [25:05]