Fasting Q&A: Heartburn, Cramps, Bad Breath, Rosacea, and Body Odor

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Nadia answers some of your fasting questions:

1. I get heartburn in the afternoon/evening when I am doing an extended fast (24-48hr). Any suggestions on what might help? [02:06]

2. I’ve always had a lot of charley horse type of leg cramps and abdominal muscle cramps. usually these happen more when I’m doing a low carb diet. However, when I’m fasting these muscle cramps happen far more frequently. The cramps seem to improve and not be as frequent if I am well hydrated but they get worse if I drink a lot of coffee and also of I drink wine on my eating days. Should I be adding more salt perhaps? [07:50]

3. I get restless legs (and arms) most nights when I am trying to get to sleep. Someone suggested taking magnesium. Might this help? [10:40]

4. I get really bad breath when I am fasting. I’m now a bit paranoid about kissing my partner. Help! [21:23]

5. I have rosacea that is managed by diet (not eating certain things) and careful skin care. When I hit 24-26 hours into my fasts, my rosacea goes crazy! My face is red hot, and my skin is bumpy - it’s as bad as if I had eaten hot peppers. It usually lasts 2-3 hours and then goes away. My esthetician says maybe it was an allergy to the green tea I drink in the evenings, but I switched out teas and even cut it out and it still happened. Fasting is the only consistent thing that causes this flare up and it can’t be a coincidence. Any idea why this happens? [28:01]

6. I have terrible body order coming from my armpits when I fast. I've had to buy special odor-eliminating laundry detergent to get rid of the smell from my clothes. Do you think its just part of fasting and losing weight? I've heard of fat holding estrogen. Is it releasing that IVF estrogen finally (approx. 5 years previous) or is it just a perimenopausal changing hormones thing? I don't think the latter because it began when I started ADF again and I don't smell on eating days. [23:58]