Hot Topic: Our Relationship With Food

In this episode, Terri and Nadia discuss our relationship with food:

  • Emotional eating

  • Food as nutrition

  • Why different people have different relationships with food

  • Fasting and food avoidance

  • ‘Breaking up’ with problematic foods

  • Choosing foods that best support you and making that part of your identity

Fasting Q&A

Terri and Nadia also answer two listener questions:

1. How do I lose that last 10 pounds and then maintain it? Fasting is easy but losing those last 10 pounds is not! I don’t want to keep yoyoing.. [29:04]

2. I was diagnosed with early menopause aged 39 (now 43). I would like to understand what happens with women’s hormones when they are menopausal and what about that profile makes losing weight difficult. Will fasting help? [33:09]

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