Fasting Q&A: Post-Menopausal Bleeding, Flavoured Water, Endometriosis, and Vitamins

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions:

1. I am 51 and have been in menopause for two and a half years now. I recently started fasting and after more than two years, I got my period last month. Is this from fasting? Can fasting reverse menopause? [03:09]

2. What can I put in my water that will not break my fast? Lemon slices/juice, cinnamon, ginger, fruit slices, veggie slices, ACV? [11:58]

3. During the Women and Fasting podcast episode, you spoke about fasting and PCOS. Is there any information regarding fasting and its effect on endometriosis? [20:33]

4. Can I take vitamins during a fast or will they break my fast? [27:09]

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