Expert Guest: Dr. Terri Lance

In today's episode, Megan and Nadia interview their colleague, Dr. Terri Lance, AGAIN!

Coach Terri is a PhD Behavioral Psychologist and Certified Health Coach for The Fasting Method.

Listen in as they talk about:

  • Fall Recovery: coming back from summer and back to the “new normal” after travel, reconnecting with friends, and YES, from eating quite a bit!

  • How to make this a time to build great habits and change your mindset

  • Why people struggle to find motivation even if they know what to do

  • The best strategies for implementing good habits before the next holidays

  • Important mindset shifts if you’re going to try some extended fasting

  • Building habits that will last

  • What type of groups Terri runs at TFM: Healthy Habits, Mindset, and more

  • The next Masterclass with Dr. Terri Lance and Megan Ramos, which starts October 10, 2022 and runs for 6 weeks

Dr. Terri Lance has drastically changed the way TFM runs our program and our coaching approach to facilitate behavior change.

Thank you Terri!

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