Fasting Q&A: Chia Seeds, ADF for Weight Loss, Gut Flora, and Stress Hormones

In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions:

1. I know you have mentioned chia seeds (in water) as a way to gently break your fast, but can I use chia seeds as a training wheel during a fast because they give a feeling of fullness? [07:25]

2. I do 18:6 daily and a 48 each week. It took much effort to get my gut health stabilized. I have completed a couple of 5-day fasts in the past, but now I am worried about what a 5-day fast does to the good guys in my gut. With no fibre coming in, how do they survive? I don’t want to compromise my good gut flora, but I’d like the benefits of autophagy and stem cell generation. [13:44]

3. I’ve been ADF’ing for 6 weeks. I typically fast 36hrs, only consuming plain water, salt, and 2-3 cups of black coffee. I am 46 and have had seven pregnancies. I have hardly lost any weight, only a couple pounds. What am I doing wrong? On my eating days, I eat 3 meals over 12hrs, lower carb but not keto, and add 2 Ts cream to my coffee those mornings. I mostly do not snack. I find it very hard to fast 42hrs. Would three 42-hr fasts be more effective than ADF with 36hr fasts? Does it take a while for results when peri-menopausal? [18:42]

4. As someone “recovering” from PTSD, I have been taught skills and tricks to reduce cortisol and adrenaline. From a recent podcast I learnt that fasting increases these and I am now concerned that it may create effects counter to what I am trying to achieve to reduce PTSD symptoms. Have you had patients with a similar concern? Is there perhaps a difference in duration, or other helpful hormones released at the same time, to differentiate it from the perpetually elevated stress hormones after PTSD? [28:21]

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