TFM Client Transformation: Christine's Success!

I really appreciate the value of The Fasting Method and the community. I would also pass on the lesson learned that, once you know how to eat this way for optimal health, it is always available to you to get back on track. And fat fasting is great preparation for a longer fast. While I sometimes struggled for emotional reasons or due to lack of sleep, things would click all of a sudden and I would be able to start fasting again without issue. My advice would be to have patience with yourself and confidence in this way of eating - everyone struggles from time to time.

I am motivated by the success so far and am particularly happy with the additional health benefits that include no more swelling in my foot, no more arthritis in my knees, no more night sweats and no more acid reflux. The Fasting Method coaches and the community motivate me constantly. I like that the program has both fasting and emotional support.

I have had a weight problem my whole life. Looking back at pics when young, I wasn't that much overweight but believed I was. I had a successful career but could never get control of the health aspect of my life for long. So, I decided to focus on my health in retirement. This program has changed my life and I look forward to being an active grandmother some day!

I worked with Coach Nadia, whose level of knowledge is beyond impressive. She gets to know her clients' needs and helps tailor strategies to the person. I always had a list of questions for our sessions and she always had great responses and information for me. I currently set my schedule to be sure to join her online group sessions and continue, even after two years, to learn from her.

I have the most success with longer fasts and mostly eat carnivore, although I have some good carbs from time to time. I am working on doing shorter fasts, but am most comfortable with two 66-hour fasts per week, although I recognize the importance of changing things up. I have completed a number of 5-day fasts and two 10-day fasts.