TFM Client Transformation: Linda's Success!

I have been a member of The Fasting Method for three years and lost a total of 112 pounds. I have easily maintained that loss for over a year!

I began my journey with The Fasting Method in January of 2019, after a diagnosis of diabetes. In less than three months, I was able to reverse my diabetes, normalize my blood pressure without medication, and lose 30 pounds. I continued to work with The Fasting Method and over the next year lost an additional 82 pounds. While I still was not at my goal weight, I decided to pause my weight loss and focus on maintaining. As someone who has been overweight my entire life, I had numerous weight loss “successes” but never was able to maintain my weight loss. I always regained everything I lost along with a few extra pounds. During this weight loss pause, I was pleasantly surprised that I was easily able to maintain my weight loss!

What made this time different? The Fasting Method! Before TFM the advice I received from medical professionals, fitness experts, the media, family, and friends were that all I needed to do to lose weight was, “eat less, move more” or that it was all a matter of “calories in - calories out.” This advice led me to believe that it was my fault that I was overweight and that if I would just “eat less and move more” I would not be overweight. However, what I learned at TFM is that this advice could not have been more wrong! Calories in - Calories out does not work! It wreaks havoc on your metabolism and results in a cycle of weight loss and weight gain. The Fasting Method helped to educate me on the science behind weight loss by providing cutting-edge information, as well as the guidance and support I needed to implement this new information. Without this I would still be in the cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

After a solid year of maintenance under my belt, I am moving forward in 2022 with a renewed commitment to complete my weight loss journey and have no doubt that I will continue to be successful on my journey!

A special thanks to Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos who created the program and has made this information readily available to all. I also want to thank Rachel Primo, the first coach I worked with when I joined TFM who set me on the right path in my health journey and Nadia Pateguana, who continues to support and guide me on my weight loss journey!